Future SEO Trends: How to Stay on Top of Things in 2022

SEO is a live organism, constantly changing and improving to provide the best search experience. To be on top of your competition and improve your conversion rates, you need to implement the latest SEO trends. You can find them here, and step into 2022 armed and ready! In case you feel overwhelmed by the pressure of expert-level SEO check out our SEO services.

Posted on 12.01.2022 | by Lily | Content Writer


As we all know, SEO is extremely important, especially for e-commerce websites. In order to rank, stay ahead of your competition, maximize your profit and provide a valuable and high-class service site optimization is the key.

It won’t cost you a dime, but it will be very lucrative. Future SEO trends discussed in this article will help you know what to focus on when constructing your SEO strategy for 2022.

SEO optimization is no easy task and it requires a lot of time and effort. Results also don’t happen overnight, and you will have to have a little bit of patience with the fruits of SEO. But believe me, it’s worth the wait.

Some business owners go straight to advertising in search of quick RIO and high volumes of traffic. That is not a bad idea, that’s what advertising is for! But if you are in search of great profit that comes from high-ranking, providing great service and value to your customers without having to empty your pockets, SEO is the way to go.

What is SEO?

Let me give you a quick overview of what SEO includes. There is an offsite and onsite SEO. 

Off-site SEO is what others have to say about you by sharing your content and links (linking to you) and kind of “vouching” for you. This ensures that others recognize you as trustworthy, relevant and pretty much authority in your niche.

Whereas on-site SEO is all the actions that you need to take to insure your website is optimized (content, tags, broken links, webpages and structure) for all the keywords that you want to rank with and target. 

Like anything in this world, SEO is constantly changing, new techniques are coming along, people share their experience to tell you what works and what not and of course search engine algorithms are changing to make sure that the customer gets the top-notch experience and relevant information when looking for something.

Future SEO Trends

When it comes to site optimization, there are trends to look out for. Many trends didn’t pan out but there are the ones that proved themselves to be very successful. If we look back at SEO trends 2022, we can find many useful ones that are making a smooth transition into 2022.

So what to look out for in 2022 to stay ahead of your competition in terms of SEO trends?

It’s All About Mobile!

As our world is transforming and evolving, picking up pace caring around a laptop is not so efficient anymore, and with the mobile advancements done today, we are more and more gravitating towards mobile phones.

We are becoming lazier and phones are becoming smarter. There are models available today, that pretty much replace laptops when it comes to writing emails, searching for information and of course very widely used voice search.

Nowadays almost 60% of all searches are done by mobile. And the number is only going to grow! Google used to rank websites on both desktop and mobile searches, but now it transitioned solely to mobile, leaving business owners to focus on their site mobile optimization. 

Even if the search is done from a desktop, google considers your mobile version as the main one, so make sure to optimize it accordingly.

Voice Search


This trend is kind of an extension of the previous one since voice search is done predominantly on the mobile. As we mentioned earlier, voice search started gaining popularity back in 2018 and is still growing rapidly. It is convenient, easy and quick. It is expected, that voice search will account for about 50% of all searches by 2022.

This trend presents a challenge to SEO specialists, as spoken search is very different from the types one. So make sure you focus on your long-tail keywords since people are not too lazy to say the whole sentence, as they are to type it.

Don’t forget about questions, such as “what is the best website that sells boots?” you can target the whole phrase and not just the keywords. Also make sure to use slang words in your targeted keywords, as people tend to search just as they speak.

Another importance of targeting slang words comes from the fact that voice search is used predominantly by the younger generation, and they use a lot of slang in their everyday life.

Video – Go All-In or Go Home!

According to Cisco by 2021 80% of all online traffic is going to be videos. I mean 80%, that’s crazy! And if you don’t target your videos and make sure that they come upon the search, and you have them all together as a part of your digital marketing you might as well give up right now, close up shop and go home, because your competitors will crush you.

Youtube is a huge search engine platform, in fact, the second most popular, and people are searching for content there, totally skipping Google. So make sure you target your video SEO and build a strong video presence.

Video SEO works a bit differently than website search site optimization, however, you need to do it to grow your e-commerce business and keep on maximizing your earnings.

Make videos of your products or present them and their features in a short video format. This combined with the right keyword targeting will get you the growth your strive for.

Relevant Data

Another important one of SEO trends is relevant data. Simply stuffing your content with keywords is not going to help you rank. 

What Google is working on these days is providing the right data to the right people. Make sure your content is rich in information, interesting and easy to read and most importantly is relevant to the search.

When someone is looking for let’s say boots for autumn, they don’t want to see sales of sandals or shorts. They want new boots and are willing to pay the full price for them.

So don’t miss those customers by targeting the right keywords with the wrong webpages.

Quality of content is very important and sophisticated Google algorithms will detect relevant content and provide a great search experience to its users. 

Be on top of that search with your quality content and right targeted keywords. As a trend, Google now is crawling the first 100 words of your content, so make sure you kind of summarize your content, in the beginning, to give rich snippets and be high on SERP.

Quality Links

We mentioned earlier that there are 2 main parts of SEO, on-site and off-site. This particular SEO trend in a part of off-site SEO and is very important to your rankings on SERP.

Make sure you work hard on your link building and that will get you a seat at the table of authority, trustworthy and relevant websites. Which in turn, will come back as high rankings on the SERP and will ensure that people consume and share your content.

You will see the results in higher traffic to your website and in the end higher conversion rates. Make sure you are not link-spamming and include only relevant and authority links.

Plus ensure your backlinks are not spamming your consumer either and fix any problems that are rising along with backlinks.

UX Is the Key

When it comes to future SEO trends, especially for e-commerce websites, your customer is the centre of your business and the one you need to keep in mind, when doing anything on your website or writing your SEO strategy.

Your customer decides whether you are worth spending their time and money on. Remember the first experience is the only experience. Your website needs to be fast, easy to navigate, pleasant to look at and overall provide a great experience.

Make sure you research latest design trends, invest in great developer team and display quality content to make sure that your user experience is on the upper end of the scale and when your customer comes to your site, they leave happy and satisfied with their journey through your webpages.

Another very important part of your UX is the safety of your website. It’s especially true for e-commerce sites, as UX involves payments. People want to be sure that no one will steal, resell or otherwise temper with their payment information. Ensure a secure payment system and better your chances at high user experience.

AI Is Steering the Ship

Artificial intelligence is growing in its use across many technology platforms and relevant to our topic, across Google’s search engine. Google’s RankBrain algorithm provides 100% accurate results and scans the websites for the exact match of the keyword input. Before the RankBrain existed, all search algorithms were written by brainy Google engineers.

Today Rankbarin also contributes to the quality of the algorithm by working in the background. So to rank with it you need to feed it exactly what it wants, which is quality.

Quality, quality, quality! So your website needs to be as optimized as possible, as easy to read as possible, as fast as possible and provide the most recent and relevant content in order to rank with this brainy bunch.

The Takeaway

As we see, all these future SEO trends are revolving around quality and relevance. When you provide a great user experience and content that matters, when your reputation precedes you and you can say that you are a place to go to to look for specific information and can be regarded as an authority in the niche, know that at the end of the day all that hard work will pay off with growth in your profits. Stay ahead of your competition and be the one to get the customer!

Lily | Content Writer

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