Future SEO Trends: How to Stay on Top of Things in 2022

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SEO at its Best: SEO Best Practices to Learn from


Year by year eCommerce business is gaining great popularity all around the world and becoming an inseparable part of people’s life. No matter if you are a newcomer or an industry expert, …

Posted on 20.09.2021 | by Christine | SEO Senior Specialist

Proven Tips for Your Online Store SEO Strategy


The first step towards that is to come up with a competent website. As an online business owner, you know that your site works as the link between you and your customers. …

Posted on 12.08.2021 | by Christine | SEO Senior Specialist

Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Content Optimization


As an eCommerce store owner, your primary focus is customer acquisition and retention. There are many angles you can approach to reach your goal, i.e. do paid advertising, optimize your online store …

Posted on 30.04.2021 | by Margarita | Content Manager

Effective Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate


What is conversion rate and why is it important? The percentage of users who take the desired action is called the conversion rate. Conversion rate measures the overall effectiveness of your marketing …

Posted on 20.06.2020 | by Tigran | CEO at Smarketa

Agency vs Freelancer vs In-House SEO: Which One Fits Your eCommerce business?


It’s not a secret that search engine optimization has become crucial in the development of every business that desires to reach continuous targeted traffic, to improve marketing efforts, boost sales and achieve overall …

Posted on 19.06.2020 | by Silvi | Content Writer